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restaurant review: american legion hall number 119, St. Paul, Nebraska

I like to eat salad without dressing, with my hands. let the vegetables speak for themselves! (or I use balsamic vinagrette mostly).

rich food, and cheese, and fruit consumed with non-fruity foods seem to make me fart.

I don't order meat often, but I tend to eat it if it is offered me. Not really beef though, cuz beef slows me down.

I used to eat two double cheeseburgers in a day and keep chuggin'. I eat a single burger now and I pass out twenty minutes later.

course I used to drink two six packs coke a day along with the burgers, so maybe it was like a sleeze food speedball.

sushi and cookin and eating disorders and links

or just chuck it all and have a leary biscuit

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