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giant burger: it's the juice.

giant burger is like that sainted burger of childhood, that cheeseburger that said love me at least once a week, sometimes twice a day. i gave that burger up because my burgermakers in my hometown were shut down by yuppies and health boards, and i moved to california.

giant burger has called me back home.

what's the deal?
the giant burger pheonomenon is directly attributable to these four primary forces:

  • first and foremost is the juice. a cheeseburger with everything, ordered at your local giantburger, it comes dripping with incredible savoury dairybloodlovegrease. each bite through soaked lettuce and bodacious tomato yields a full on orchestration of violin flavour with thick beefy bass beneath.

  • order one with everything, and the burger seems to come with a side of salad - it feels like a good balanced meal.

  • they are open late - when the vegan sandwitch shacks have all shut their bamboo shutters, giant burger continues to serve the hungry masses of oakland.

  • they always have a big fat parking lot - go ahead, roll of the road and roll on into burger bliss.

    the main reason i reserve my giant burger trips for marked pleasure vacations and not daily doses?

    their thick cut fries. it is impossible to make thick cut fries greasy, crispy or salty enough.


    oscar's, that's a dope burger shop, with fries like i like 'em. but it's in berkeley. so next on my list to test is kaspar's on macarthur.

    wayne calls it "heartattack food."

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