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Go to a nice grocery store, with a big butcher. Buy the best bacon they have. I meant the $5 a pound bacon, that's sliced from happy hogs, and smoked five ways. Take three to five strips of that bacon, throw it in a pan, and put that pan over the lowest heat you can coax out of your stove.

Go check your email, build a webpage, play a game, somethin'. Soon, the smell of slowly cooking bacony bacon will start to drift through your life.

Give it another twenty minutes, flipping the slices regularly. Pull them off, stick the fatty end in your mouth, and say hello to Satan.

I started eating bacon this way in mid-2000, living in oakland with Amy; bacon in the morning before makes me feel full and pleasured before a workday. Plus cooking it slow definitely suits my attention span. If you cook bacon over a high heat, you don't smell it until it's too late. If you cook it over a low heat, your belly will remind you to keep checking the bacon to see when it's ready for love.

Then I learned that eating bacon a few times a week, no matter how good it tastes, it created a lively rotating crop of acne zits all surrounding my mouth. It was the mark of sin, the branding of bacon. I stopped cooking bacon at home regularly.

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