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Living with Bulemia

J - That's a lot of food you've got there
D - That's a lot of food you've got there too
J - Please, just tell me when you're binging.
D - What makes you think I'm binging?
J - Well, you've just finished your second plate of pasta and now you're knawing on a half a loaf of bread.
D - You have no right to accuse me of binging.
J - Who's accusing you? I just want to know if you are.
D - Don't project problems on to me.
J - Alright - I'm sorry. I don't want to accuse you of anything or bring it up if you aren't.

A few moments later...

D - Justin, I'm binging.
J - I knew it! Why didn't you just tell me?
D - Don't try to make me stop.
J - I'm not trying to make you stop, I just want to know when you are binging.
D - Well, I just told you.

An uneasy silence, and then,

J - Why don't you stop?

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