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5 jan 1998

s u s h i: ebisu

ebisu is my favourite sushi resturant. located in san francisco's sunset district, at 9th and irving,

they make creative sushi. creative and indulgent. their best rolls aren't on the menu:

rainbow roll

raw fish wrapped around shrimp tempura

caterpillar roll

unagi (bbq sea eel) wrapped in rice and topped with avocado.
with antannae

two balls no strike

fatty tuna with salmon eggs covered in avocado.
too rich for some.

steve amy and i steve, the owner, wears glasses, and like most of the sushi chefs drinks heartily and becomes effusive. i recommend buying them drinks and toasting plenty. steve works on weeknights and flirts with most all the ladies. it's fun to watch.

there are all sorts of people coming in, all races, from all parts of san francisco, but still it feels like a neighborhood joint. it's got a lot of vitality.

expect to wait at least 40 minutes; pj's oyster bed nearby offers half price raw oysters on monday nights.

meals are pretty pricey, but if you don't get alcohol it can be affordable, especially since the special rolls are pretty filling.

jilld sent me here, recommended it while we worked at electric minds.

i went there 12 december 1996

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