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oct 8 1996

I knew what it was like, since 1991,

when I knew it was time to get rid of my antennae, there was really only one direction.

New Packaging!  same great product.spin bald dude, spin.

I did it alone as a kind of ritual experience. insence, boxer shorts, the newspaper want ads beneath my head.
fortunately I left my digital camera at work so my moment wasn't heald up by media making

as it was in 1991, I did some damage to my head. I guess disposable razors are like that. I can't imagine you can approach something so sensitive with your head without getting some blood out though, especially if you like a close shave...

criminal lookin'

I left two tendrils of hair, the only remaining stalks of straight hair I had, becuz my hair had never before been that long, and I thought it might be fun to have a quaff.
easier to cut it off than to grow it.

now howard thinks I'm the oldest 22 year old (I'm 21) with a combover.

comb-ed glee, me.I did a doodle to that effect, october 25

photo(s) by vagabond jim.

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