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Date: Fri, 02 Feb 1996 23:49:45 -0500
Subject: comment

     hello.  i was just on your page and i think you should put a really BIG
warnig on those "nekkid" photos of yurself.  i mean not that u r fugly or
anything, well its just that we don't all want to see your tweeter.

well thanx.


n e k k i d

After putting together a few shots, I wanted to do a full fledged nekkid photo session. Put my body where my mouth was.

On newsstands and porno web pages, I ain't seen much healthy nudity. No folks with nothin' to hide, rather they're tryin' to sell you some sexy.

I like hangin' out in my birthday suit sometimes. Ain't nothin' to be 'shamed of, somethin' to be celebrated.

sometimes, seems more honest, appropriate portraiture, tho some folks have a hard time with nakidity.

Friend Claire Mooney agreed, we made it happen in August 1995.

These were taken on the roof of mom and George's apartment building.
These taken at the Art Institute of Chicago.

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