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eminds launch

november 10 into the night and becomes the morning of november 11

ibuprofen and some beer
soy milk with hot water

somehow open to violence
imagine bottles I hold fly into the waving windows of winnebagos

I'm submitting to drama, pleasure
but instead I shall be strong

I eat beef

howard brings in copal and amber and frankinsense
old smells
like the greenhouse

I log in spacebar occasionally, looking for her
but it's the day after,
our consummation not complete
she is still coming down I imagine
and right now, I'm higher

people grow more bitter as midnight approaches
I thought it was this late at eight
and now it is this late
and we begin to hate -
the people that aren't here
the people asleep
not checking their pages for bugs and typos
the people who didn't track down user liscence agreements with the well
and other last minute sources of grief and work

jim arrives from soul coughing
it's the late shift

1.30am crew

the one thirty am crew - abbe, jilld, christian, jenb, vjim, myself

listening to liz phairs first album again after a long while (thanks ruz - chicagoan)
it seems most compelling media is made to prove something, or borne of pathos
liz seems trying to establish herself in relation to the male rock world and the male world at large
and so with my media am I crying out in the desert of my own design

looking through old mail reminds me I want to be as great as my father
reading through his formal and informal correspondence, on legal blue carbon sheets filed office relics of a dead man
either responding to city official ineptitude or encouraging and informing friends
there's something so wonderful about that record
I hope someone goes through my mail someday
tries to understand who I was

final cruise for my pass of bugs
I've been around too long
and as the true enormity of jim's task emerges
with seven hours remaining
our minor differences in style mount
abbe works seamlessly with him
together they inform me why they're the only ones with both serious and informal titles on the bodies page
what else do they get out of this?

4.30am shift

abbe and vjim, on the 4.30 tip.

I am feeling wan
the site is great
4.10 am
I'm laying down
to a little john lee hooker

near 9 am I am a slight traitor
jim has not slept
I rise and shuttle bugs at him

howard arrives wearing unseen finery
I feel my rueben now

jim and rev some last minute bugs
people emerge with drums and gifts and humour
but it is monday morning in the rest of the right world

mccoy, abbe, randy drum.

fed ex guy marvels at our drumming weirdness
vjim - "we're a new media company
go home
log in"

abbe immediately raises the rhythm bar
howard has his chant

have fun
change the world
make money
electric minds

we build an altar

everyone drums some
paul's foundation
rheingold relents to his own beat

iching on how to consider eminds launch?
sky over fire
second, sixth changing

ipri in the house, bearing hotwired stickers

altar group circle and handholding and chanting and a little ohm
and passing energy around a circle of held hands
in front of an alter - candles pomegranite, salt, lightbulbs

sly and the family stone is good mood except for taping

our write ups are kind
we watch our friends and relations subscribe

we suggest bisou
lulus instead

what a lulu.

justin, doxy, jill, howard, jen, chip, john, vjim, karen
paul, abbe, mark, christian
(hilarie left early)

chip's pix surpass my own

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