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1970 Cadillac Sedan De Ville

deville back This was the fishin car. You could fit enough tackle and supplies for a three day, three person expedition. It was six feet wide, and about fifteen feet long. A cavernous interior with bench seats, a trunk that you could lose things in.

Grampa bought the car in 1971, with 3000 miles, for $5000.

When he sold it in 1993 for $400, it had 220,000 miles, never had to have any engine work, and the air conditioning still functioned (cuz he never let us use it).

They kept record of each time they purchased gasoline for the car, miles, gallons, miles per gallon. It averaged 8 or 9 miles to the gallon - this he explained because they drove mostly short distances, or they were pulling the airstream camper.

Both my brother and I learned to drive in it, in the hayfields out in the country, and at the racetrack in Stuart. I learned to parallel park next to a haystack. I remember going too fast in reverse towards a pond, and Gramma started hitting me on the head with her purse.

"It was a beautiful car, it really was."

The catfish bait smell never left the trunk.

you are now the proud owner...

Back in spring '95, makin' this page, I called Grampa to ask him some questions about the car. We got to talkin' about it, I said it shouldn't leave the family and all, and pretty soon, Grampa's makin' it happen.

Seven thirty in the morning the next Sunday, he calls my Mom to ask if I can buy the car. Woken from her sleep, her guards not yet in place, she responds affirmative (or affirmative enough for Grampa). By nine thirty that night, he has spoken to the man that bought it, up in Nebraska, and I have bought the car back into the family for $450.

Mom subsidized the purchase of the car - quite a good sport. I haven't taken possession of it yet - it's far too big to park anywhere near the bay area, and the gas mileage is just hideous.

me and mah cah I have fantasies of being rich and picking it up and putting some 40mpg Volvo-wonder engine in it, and running that sucker home. or maybe just picking it up and driving it around, with eight friends all seated comfortably inside.

Until then, I've got it stored at the Dobias place out near Stuart. I paid the Dobias's, and the car a visit in June of '98 and mom took this picture on the right.

Grampa's wisdom on car ownership

"With proper care, and keeping the body in shape, it could last quite a while yet. Can't ram around, you know, and gun it, put feet to the floor, and that kinda stuff. It won't last very long. if you're a good driver, and you take good care of it, it might last quite a while."

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