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Delia Allyn

August 11, 1909 - November 7, 1999

she was a spunky lady
is a nice way for my spunky lady to salute her

i'm glad she met my grandmother
three months before she passed
and nine months before she had been married seventy years

delia oh delia, delia all my life

unfazed by the ephemera with which i spend my days
she was reknown for anchor lines
tying you or the conversation
to everything right in the world

i do remember her large frame uttering few lines, and smiling like a lion
when she wasn't too tired from all she'd seen
she had bright eyes, i'll bet, until the day she died

that didn't keep her long lasting husband from doubting her acuity
sad, distanced, he levied against her a charge of alzheimers
we could say now she was just tired
ready to die
uttering even less than usual

there's one thing she told me i'll carry with me forever
and the rest is all attitude and feeling
taking your job and your family seriously enough to put up with it
and never putting anything but the truth in your mouth

i'm glad i've got one of her recipes.

Gma's Grave

lines forgot:
my spunky girl remembers, grandma describing a disapprovable woman:
saying "she answered the door and she was barefoot,
and she wasn't wearing anything else either"

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