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earthy delights

garden guardin's In Howard's family, Judy takes care of the house and Howard takes care of the greenhouse. They have two lots, so there's a fair amount of outdoor room. Accordingly, Howard has a lush lawn with a nice wood deck on it, and there's room behind that for his vegetable beds of heavenly corn, sumptuous squash and them sweetest tomatoes.

Electric Minds in the garden The summer I worked at electric minds, we ate garden stir fry every sunday, and when the company was small we had team meetings out there.

Since then, we paint, meditate and yogize in the garden together. At least in the warm months. For his birthday in 1999, he added an outdoor sauna so we end our day in there.

Some sundays I've helped him fix things up a bit, him wearing his same cut off jean shorts, and femo addled chinese style rice patty hat.

plumb tree my mom visited, sat beneath the plum tree

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