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Howard: Yoga

After a few years of visiting, in 1999, we started a concerted Yoga program - concerted because every time I go over there, seems like we end up doing some sun salutations.

A sun salutation is a basic yoga routine that is easy to remember and vivifies the body. Especially when done on the rich clovered grass of Howard's garden.

What's admirable for me is that he actually does it himself when no one else is there to encourage him. I have a hard time maintaining regular exercise without a class. Howard did so much regular yoga his heels could touch the ground during downward facing dog!

In October 1999, visiting Sonoma State University for a talk together, he just upped and started to do a sun salutation on the central lawn of the school there. I joined him, and afterwards I said, Howard what I love about you is that you're always so good at fitting in wherever you go.

Sometimes after sun salutations, we meditate.

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