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San Francisco

When I came to San Francisco, to be a officially licensed member of the digital revolution, I made a few friends. Since I was so involved in the web by that time, many of these friends have pages I can send you to!
"Haia" Ted Berk
I wrote a piece about meeting him, and I put up a page of selections from his dream journals.
"Sonic" Ann Hess
Has uncanny levels of energy and intiatory energy. Always wants to play! Learns quick, too.
Spoonman Mark Petrakis
Digital Man about Town, he is a party scientist, and a greek.
Howard Rheingold
Fortunate am I to have a friend and mentor this wise and kind. His net.presence is well deserved, and the world would be wise to integrate his vision into cyberspace.
Jennifer Roberts
Works not in the online realms, but is a guru of the psychospiritual.
Jonathan Steuer
A good young soul who took me in, helped me get various jobs, hooked me up with his scene, and introduced a great San Franciscan scene to me. Another lucky find!
Cyborganic/Ramona Towers
Fortunate was I to land in San Francisco amongst a group of youthful, wise, bright, energetic, computer-saavy folk - who live under the ideals and prospective business of Cyborganic. Most of them live on Ramona street, in the Mission district of San Francisco.
So too was I fortunate to land a job at HotWired, amongst a staff of young, quirky, energetic, dynamic, fun people. They have all taught me a lot, whether they knew it or not!