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Haight street, that great street,

well, late night still yeilds weirdos, dangerous even.

But the daylight hours can be so nicely dressed, like a Gap on the corner of Haight and Ashbury. Even Ben and Jerry's come home to roost - good ice cream, good spirit, national chain.

most of the people here seem to be tourists some times, that and gutter punks

I think the Mission captures the spirit of what Haight used to be, unwashed and cheaper.

Good food, good shopping, high prices.

great people watching! pretty girls! so many young...

hah. now the haight, day or night, is so many knife toting bud selling unshorn and unwashed "gutter punks" toting dogs and demanding change

my sister chris lives up the hill on ashbury. she's really responsible for introducing me to this place, along with peter. he took me and chandra to the I-Beam club in 1994, by 1995 it was closed. 1996, the rock and bowl closed. the nightbreak club, where jerry and I heard that fierce lesbian band, is now become a cafe I believe.

where is it headed? certainly not into the bold band nightlife.

just phases I guess.

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