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crazy Jerry

Crazy Jerry

Jerry, Me, and Sofie Beckham
Jerry, Sophie, and me
Jerry's taught me a lot about agression and peer pressure and male bonding and politics. He's a crazy salesman. He lives in the moment.

Can you see his intense expression in this picture? He is one driven dude. He's always talkin' or movin' or lookin' around. He's got crazy potential. He can lead people, make them do what he wants. When he applies that to something else besides forestalling the dawn, we will all be the better for it.

tennis maniac Jerry lived next door to me and Dan Lurie first semester, in Willets. Two of the crazy biggest consumers on campus housed together! There was a lot of madness went down those days. More often than not, Mike was a party to this.

Jerry took off (167k au) second semester of my freshmen year.

Fall 1993, Jerry paired up with Raina, an ill fated relationship from the start. Obvious sparks between these two, but too often flame-outs.

Besides, Jerry was still going out with Johanna. She was a crazy strong woman, stout and opinionated. I was glad to see Jerry with a tough, taking and giving him shit equal measure. I was also glad the two of them didn't kill each other. They could really fight.

Now he's married my friend Becky. Can you believe that? Wowie! Small wedding, I missed it. I'm sure there is such madness between them like the modern world has seldom witnessed. I could probably get a writing career going just following them around. Each of them could tell their own story quite well if they would slow down that long. Fat chance. They're already parents I think.

When he gets motivated, Jerry is crazy driven. In the last two weeks of spring 95, he decided to organize a crazy trip to cuba that summer. Even I was skeptical, but I did help him with the web page. Printouts of it posted around campus caught the attention of William F. Buckley jr. and Jerry's trip reached National Review, even if it never did reach Cuba.

I remember Holloween 1993, Jerry needed a costume (I crossdressed). He cut a hole in the bottom of my pumpkin, stuck it on his baseball cap. Crazy Jerry PumpkinHead. So Holloween, and yet so him.

I wrote a piece tries to capture Jerry's quintessence, from our first year.

"Wicked Hasslehoffs Man"

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