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terance mckenna
cathedral of st. john the divine

a beautiful day yesterday
a beautiful day to drop acid and wander in the park
we are experiencing a plunge into novelty
the millenium
quality of world overlooked by science with
novelty alfred north whitehead
intuitive surface, not science
density of connection
new never tried
nature herself is a distillery of novelty
over time preserving connectedness
law becomes more complex, stuggles against entropy
nature struggles
an extension of tao - but her math/computerized
maps of novelty on computers
predicted plunge into novelty - dip into weird in soon time

illusion of psylocibin addled minority?
concresence underway
plunge into deeper and deeper connetivity
inevitably accompany the calendar.
he got e-mail
(after mentioned his web site)
e-mail - come clean that novelty plunge was a huge bore
made a list (he was stirred)
partial list of interesting and unusual things in the last 90 days
several new planets have been discovered around other stars star within 40 light years planets of jupiter mass or less.
a planet a month at this point with this new technology
water heavy oxygen rich - we're very close
astronomy part first
1 (40 illion, correction by carew)
we're missing 40% fourty percent

life off the drig
brightest comet since sixteen fity eight
human genome announced completion years earlier
key piece of data algebra of biology now fully elucidated
mean cure of diseaes, all kinds of thingw witll flow from that.
half a dozen anti-matter anti- hydrogent a helium
tech to fling manhatten to andromeda
cties in flight book
agreed by everyone (by times)
astroid delivered life 400 million years ago without killed
organic life from outerspace delivered her
chagnes who we are where we come from.
on the internet roveing, he learned nanoassembler
machines too small to see
more steam enginges on a one centimeter chip than operating in england at hieght of steam age

novelty don't come at politics
change of another era
change concentrated in technology and science this age.
it's as though the acceleration into novelty now a phoemnomemon of our technology creates novelty
slightly nasal
inter-net inter-network
mnmore aware of interpenetrating network that connects all life
connects us into bionetwork of oceans, etc.
I submit that at this pointat this point if you don't think we're experienceing plunge into novelty
pace of change isn't indefinite.
novelty is retarted by force habit
struggle between h and ngood news is that retarding forces must yeild
lay the basis for an ethic
pheonomenon of ourself our sprawling cities uncontrolled tech our dreams fears
center of drama
no longer extentially marginalized no long history a mistake
everything serves advance into novelty
where is it all leading (obvious question)
how far the novelty until unrecognieable?
answer, not much.
from math pov
nmaby sqyurreks iccyoy tgus oart if te oarj'somewhere beyond 2012 reality won't
reality as we know it will be don't be on the menu
subce 1971 boundary disspolving challenge of psychedlic experience
histoyr slow moving psychedlic experience
we are in the griup of somekind of attractor,
look back at hisory, sense of never been her before
so accustomed to causal thought, assumed push
we have been pulled here, we are under the eagis of a kind of an attractrd
a dream deeper deeper into adventure of existential ecoming
deeper and deeper faster and faster
illusion ofor subjective perception of relative speed acceleration
it is turue
the denial of it, it's hard to imagine transformation without catastriophe
built up wealth and stability - plauge invader
I sense an incredible opportunity for positive transformation
tools have been given into our hands
now possible to discover who and what we really are
since de sade people thought that would be a rough ride
form of cultural paranoia keeps us from exploring our
named after roman dramatist
one quote from foppish social dramatist
I am a human being
and nothing human is alien to me.
I'm an anarchist, not afriad of fellow man
theories of hobbes, and paranoid school
controlling perecieved evil in human beings
- room full of white ffreaks can utopiate
nightmare of rules
legacy of enlightement
love to come to nyc
the future works
very large parts of the world undergoing manhattanization
if not positive, then descent into hell
incredible victory of pluralism of tolerance of miltiplicity
can not have little xenophobic gender obvsession etc,
divide us
legacies of previus set of technologies
subce wirkd capitol if media but not fir long spreadubg everywhere.,
mcluhanistic - too late until understanding
understaing tech once obselete
past 300 yars western vic
r ruled by mass media
newspapers - blockquote all of them are tabloid - venerable designed to be read by millions and millions
that triviliazes and commonalizes information beyond recognition or relevancy
called one to many an editor, a somebody, is dispersed to consumers on unsatisfying communication
one to many created heirachy of values
public is print created none beofre large scale print
info was held by priviledged classes, very closely
in the presence evoolving - new media the net, the nweb and all manifestations
any to any form of communication
tousnads to one thousands to thousands
any vaiation can be worked
incredible p[liraliing of lifestyles
irchness recently in high tch industrail
due to breakdown of print created stereotypes like suits
that now is finished.
it leads them to the question where to do we put our own lives
the answer he thinks
comes out of long involvement with psyedelics and image
rpsychedlics pursui of realm of images
use media new forms and poroduce art furiously
that's what it's all for
liberation really for
not permission to jaw
persioon to creat
obligation that rest poorest and most twisted still upper 5% of world
redeem exclusiving pushing art pedal to the floor
trying to do it with it web site
idea with his high speed virtual environment online
enviorn display contents of your mind, heart soul apirations
we are not these shaven moneys
only the surface
the complex organ, the mind body interface
the experience the idea of each of us is unique
uselss to community unless expressed
we have become consumers to such degree have sold uniqueness down the river
believe that the humanizing of the fugure lies in fure of rich symbiosis nature based psychedlic archasism
in the present of the fastest finest info tech we can get hands on
tech have beput end to marginiation bohemian subculture
tech remove heregmony of values
substitute more realistic mix of possibilities what evr your agenda is
what every oru politicsw
tools are immensely powerful point becomes what is to be communitcatied
is there a coherent zeigesti
ephrefevese of individialy divern creativeity
leate ariving notion
artist is a magicisn
over mind dema-urge (carew owkd
world wsou;l downloading it's intent into history
love rfairs history ideas
inspiried artistic output has to be connection in
other than depending on being boered and a genios
only depending on psychedlic experience
planet he thougths of saying
plant experiences most compelling
we are somehow most compelled we are most
with a heart connection to nature to lvigin world
don't camp out in rainforst
mind embedded in the lviing world
complex astonishing like amazon your body
connection to nature tyou get extistionalism art for worst - interiour decoration decor conspiracy - not that people don't need chockas, but higher purposes
advocacy of narcoleptic distopia like bracve new world?
find out for yourself
finished by the death of mass media
rise of psychedlic net
rise of ideology - poisioniious all of them
they presume understand nature of reality - how likely is that?
sright -nazi
left - russian
blather between
(remembering harambe-rasta man on the train)
culture is not your friend
not a pc thing to say in present ambiance
a lot of attention to ethnic roots, unique ethnicity
beginning of understanding
all terms that stress ethnicity applied to groups of people
you're not a groups of people - a person.
no obligation to take upon yourself the generalized quality of these things
they belong to thousands of people at a time
you become a charicature (minor applause first breakout)
ideology is not your friend, culture, then who?
to his mind, the felt presense of immediate experience is the surest guide possible
feeling is primary all analysis is secondary and comes out of culture it has answers they think up answers.
child asks where do we go when we die,l or daddy work, cutlureal answers provided
nobody knows real answers, outside of culture
fully expressing your culture
is a stage in devlopment
beyond that is felt presence of immediate experience and expectations
poisiond with ideology hard to hmove on
talking therapy is hard to work it out
the best antidote to ideology
is raise intensity of felt presence of immediate experience to such intensity that it simply vaporizes ideology
incredible phobia of these things on establishment part
tim leary lsd - a compound that causes occasional psychotic behaviour in those that don't take it
country to myth of the tribe - democrats, nazysbr> everyone agrees psychedlics counter to scoiety
seenw tih foolishness and assumptions across them
ideology is a fools or scoundrels game use it to control folls
two routes to felt presentce of beyond the ordinry
(what about stupor)
sex and drugs ways.
if sex if illegal they would, people bgan from waist up and head down
culture is not friend but don't have to flee or critic
just smarten up
in hawaii - be akamaii, be smart
pay atttention to what is going on around you.
my motheod ostlye to be open minded to be critical to be rational
but to seek the weird to seek it seriously
if you seek the weird without critical intelligence
it will find you faster than you can lock your door behind you
number of squirrly ideas on the market on today is truly alarming
balkaniation of epistempology
people can tell shit from shineola
but they want to walk about it
bring to bear logical razors
multiplies with necessiry - razors seek principle parsimony, prefer simplicity
the truly wierd and truly and truly can survicve this process , you will find them intact
can testify his expricen and found most inadequte for his interst
wanted to be astonished
astonishment a rare moment. wanted to be astounded
sho fi mag astounding tales
what kind of emotion is it
only found it on DRT five or six other moments with true astonishment
but psychedlic exprience in true forces is pure astonmishment
feeling is maximizing of everything he aspires to combo intellectual pleasure surprise amazement presence before such a thing (wallace and wiesteng tattoo)
invite to seek weird and put to test and force purveyors of mystery to deliver
its not subtle
its not about looking into someone eyes for whatmmy
not about
about begging for mercy because they are rotating and balancing the wheels of your afterlife vehicle while you're in your apt.
worse drugs subtle, deliver us.
approaching maximining novelty at end of history biarre misapprehencions proliferate on all levels
more and more difffilcut to keep ones wits about you
unless preconsdisiotned about seeking faith for allegiance
hanging back from belief from belief is easy
what is transforming is to live unceratinly in the presence of myselftry
no one know s what life is
knits limits, or -ionstrains - you marginalize and spectate and consumer and placeholder in great opera
seiz this moment between birth and god knows what to make a differene s make
novelty sounds automatic are we riding along on back of dog
no political implication?
political implication to understand situation essence of poli clarity lies in correct assessement of sitaton
what servers
what carrys us forward, dragging down (Before)
troubling to him that within community of dissidents d
diff to see commonality of connection
make common cuase difficult
just facets of the same agenda
there will be no feminizing of culture without psychedlics
no psychedlics without gender consciousness
allow broken up into old style factions
we are paralyzed.
coincdnecia positiorun, event driven centruy, large protion of world have been enormously cultural constipation
fear of future in seventies that they canceled the fure twenty years of retro for twenty years
cosmic clock ticking
the pressure is bulding is behind the damn
in the lst three months we will in the fure we will understand that the damn broke within theis period
the denisty of connection of i net
cosmic circumstance of
cohesion of youth music drug media cutlures
enough factors are in common tradjectory now
unaided buy anything stronger thana little cannibis
we can get there without new stuff
we have it all now in place we need a little more bandwidth, more slack, meo dmt circulating around
(applause, snorts to cannibis conversation)
oieces in place
if each one of us conveys to omone unknowing we could umultiply understanding
people don't intrinsically fear future because programmed to fear it
institutions fear it - tcapital gains tax amonts to revolution. we have potential to transform energy into matter into energhy with 100% efficiency, oower to read and alter generctic code
search cultureal database of last 50000 years
substances in pharmacopia allow us to explkore conscousness
rebulding of human self image
turning human being inside out we want to see wsoul we want to concretize the soul
we aeach carry within a fragment of something which wants to be put together
in the present not possible abmance of hegemenonym, consumerism, male dominance, trife, bad television, terrible haircuts
animals never manifest their mature form like limp fish babaies have babies and banies m than water dry up
warn poll of hgistoryial foolishness dired up that ambulatory pool of pause denial has dried up
fish or cut bait
I feel ready, we're ready
we have the tools the geniouses
the allies to now make the move.
huge amont rests on young people.
born arfter wwii, we don't understand the nature of the enterprise
now thiry years new generation has the benefirt of that exprience of new technology
and deeper confusion of the establishment
the long awayited paradigm shift a matter of coming out of artistica and scientific community
the time is now tool are now
the millionm use as flow to turn print created values
not going to happen tomorrow next week, after hutnre of century
till then cutlrue in hands o big media
beyond the turn of the centry, built networks, kept faith
they'll be ready to talk turky, we will built world of our dreams
headed tow wrold of imaingation
like storytelling
the imagination becons reaches out its hand to lead us into a new world
meet me there.

a brain dupm.

dan levy paramount invite

q & a

after excoriating mass media.
a better world radio show
enjoys this part feedback
no matter how you slice it
still a white guy up on stage
one to many exercise
don't have to hold to topic, whatever that was.

address tech/nature split
resources left enough to support tech expenditure
reconcile great numbers of people and species without
two questions and a corellary, little hard for pot smoker like me
how to deliver this to everybody without extracting glass metal plastic
nanotechnology miniturization - current resources enough
long on heavy materials - short on creative engineering uses.
should describe how he lives
lives in hawaii up 4 wheel drive miserable
no power lines, no phone lines in
sun generates electricity wirelessly to internet, soon at high speed
push back from desk and wlak in forest, or work on net
everyone shoould live like that
no reason for office culture
(like computopia, like poliparty)
like s readers , but don't like 747
so telepresence hopes
consumerism overdone to pathology
media comes in
media needs to makes it unhip to have stuff
but selling of stuff leads to devestation and impoverishment
the only thing he knows that can disparity of waelth and convince people wihtout they they are rich
is psychedlics
once you realize you have more art in your head than they are auctioning off at christies.
relatvte terrible
true aristocrats live with nothing
(posture, on side stage)
taoist scholar had no travelled art collection.

q: sweep of tought, ufos were gone, what happened
the queirrels abducted them

used to say the ufoes were sparks from subconscious
why missing

(I saw one person here)
ufos, and people who believe in ufos
emphasis shifts from one to the other too squirrely
to participate
dmt creatures but never unscheduled proctological examination in his home
abduction theory, food additives perhaps, more likely tv and movies
people lost ability to distinguish betwen memory and dream
imagine person in archaic society - dramatic narrative event old shaman traditional fireside stories
we have awatched 50000 half sitcoms in our lives 1000s of movies more than we can remember, it's all there in, if believe freud, jung, unconscious can create scenarios of pathology or individualization
first thing to sask oare hare questions
quality of research is ludicrious
utterly underwhelming int he evidence department
irritates sense
alien is so alien can not be reduced to silver pajamas large eyes and an interest in studying your rear end.
don't know what to make of breakdown of rational discourse
psychedlic community more sophisticated than alien community
differnt appraoches to evidence, asthetics
all keen for ufos, dividing away all the silliness
might be reasonable to gently kindly to denounce just plain foolishness
terance reminder - but have to use discernment
(do you care to explain more - carew, he's quite kind)
what are you going to do, buddhists, zennies, hassids
ufo community too credulous
tghe cosmic giggle, can't nail that to the barn door
mercurial, can't grasp.

thank you, I certainly won't bring it up again.

I have the software, why a descent, not ascent

his thing to do, thought of time like a river, flowing towards its lowest lever
history as a river, eternity is an ocean
descent elevation isdrives pace
preserves time as fluid
math reason - novelty moving downward
maximum of novelty is zero
or some very large number not good.

current time
resonances between one time and another
resonance to the middle tenth century
since emerging from dark ages
not pushing too hard
each moment in time interfearance pattern here and far
relationship not linear
burst of egyptian style furniture, remake story of escylous
based on feeling zeitgeist

alfred north whitehead

english 1920s
obscure perhaps he didn't rip bong hits
process and reality
don't need sanscrit
feelings as primary datum of reality
concrescence, complex systems like orgs, human beings
as nexus of
his mathematics is impeccable
no hanging your head in front of anybody
solid foundation for psychedlic reality

a kind man

believe in paranormal abilities in humans

search weird
seen a minute
seen people do paranormal things
my brother reading my mind from fourteen months ago
state of quite advanced psychic discombobulation
thought backrooms of hospitals
apparently schizos not as interesting as what I thought they'd be
unmedicated schizophrenic
in amazon, his brother lost it out of western medical reach.
disease of space time
walk in axis you are tweaked
see too much, hard tosqueeze back down into coping mood
impossible to give psychedlics to people to see if they live through it.
impossible to test minds for paranormal ability
culture tells you what is possible
cultures could smell water - life or death, paranormal
listening for iowaska
dude - coppping has always been psychic

my paintings on the internet? I need to adapt?

a year ago, no web site, didn't know html, no scanner
belief that web sites important thing
he does his own thing

maintains manhattan site from hawaii
hasn't had this much fun since the ninteen sixties
what do you learn? software - commercialism
photoshop teaches you about light
3d rendering teaches about space
animation programs teaches about motion
we're all going to go back to school, big time
no end of learning. learning learning learning
tools are so powerful
pictorial art, hung on the walls of galleries
dude - I'm an artist on the high times site
net is to influence people if you believe your vision

net - not a direct experience
(your lawyer? - no her fear, something is lost)

something is lost in reproduction
clear scans on net as satisfying as 4 colour prints

an artist, taken by opaque concepts, taken by analyss of future put on hold
important dedication fo things
going to be married on dec 30 1999

plug for party due to attend
frying pan party plug
wavy gravy's sixtieth

symbiotic relationship with entity disguised as alien invasion so as not to alarm us
invasion myth
less easy to name torque us
gainian mind
oversoul of humanity.
from the dead - that's weirder
alien invasion compared to mass contact by dear departed
on mushrooms
show me what you are
drama of curtains, organ chord, enough, let's go back to dancing mice
historical journey to this moment accompanied by this thing.
throw down careds and say guard and be done with it.
why psychedlics brought us into contact with all pervasiv invisioble mind
civ as denial of that mind
stop orgies, stop taking boundary taking drugs - build walls, appoint god-kings
greater intent of planeay biology by the untrammelled practice of history
gian mermur o grows louder

waiting after twisting a bomber, taking a mushroom, run out on the ocean
birth of the new thing
not unnatural
like a birth process

it vibrates medical emergency doesn't look like good news, buit it is
but haveto have chops together together to congraulate it.
a long labour - postponement of transition, there will come a pmoment of breaking loose, carried into the post the post post pa moment

q: desbribed as higher shift biratinal shift dimensional
just humans
we are like an alien invasion
quantum leap
(carew - he's domationg)
moving beyond imagination

have achieved that -
we represent soa total break with ordinatry biology - language technology
no other species does
generting out fo ourselves
likes dimensions, not vibrations doens't understand
moving into higher dimensino
perspective breaking over renaissance human beings
we are moving into delocalied hyperspaitial type of mode
technologies responsible

barry, hospitalized for being manic
very creative state
chained to a bed for a week
body in shape to handle street walking mania
leading 10 bands in tour
astonishing transformation
walking of god
staff of people
hallucogens blow my mind out of stratosphere

severley hospitalized for a numer of years
dissolve boundaries
a lot of people need this
a few people do not
some bpeople need to keep them
easy for you to dissolve boundaries
use judiciously
if difficulty getting beyond ration - then magic wand
no education to teach people to use drugs
drugs address your human uniqueness at its most fundamental level
same to handle sexuality, driving, have to learn how to handle this.
cetainly victimized.

at last a woman
maybe this is a woman's qu - come from colorade mountains
percieve intro of pure oxygen and pure sunlight
as transformational as dmt and lsd in the water supply
doesn't seem possible
doesn't seem possible here

you're asking me?
these should all be covered with ivy
could be turned to green

morning glory vines

whatever works
these could be covered with oxygen producing green
lycans and algae
mushroom vision, manhattan covered in ivy
berlin, six weeks after law, rising bud plants

let's turn the city green
let's get loaded carry future out of age of industrial petroleum
age of light comunity conniectivty
pursit of as much beauty as wepossibly can
that's wheat we're about, so let's do it.

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