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I like this place because there aren't so many phonies. Some weirdos, for sure, hard working ones, to be respected.

Swarthmore is an extremely focused place. Most everyone here works too damn hard, some spending upwards of eight hours a day in the library.

The debate never finishes, at risk of being thrown off course by doubt and proof - the implications of how you do your work, why you do your work, if you do your work, and what else is there to do besides work?

These are problems that plague all young people. Swatties are just the most analytic folks I know.

Some Swatties get together and drink heartily, which isn't that different from anywhere else. Most students opt for quiet halls and weekend nights working though, don't be fooled.

Some of them do stay up late making media though, you wouldn't think it, but Swarthmore is a hotbed of digital discourse.

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