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CS21: The Imperative Paradigm: Unix and C.

This course introduces students to fundamental aspects of the field of computing, focusing on problem-solving, software design concepts, and their realization as imperative programs run on the Unix operating system. An introduction to the Unix operating system and the C programming language for the purpose of gaining mastery of these principles, will be provided in lecture and in closely-coordinated laboratory experiences. Topics to be covered include: Von Neumann architecture, operating system overview, Unix, Emacs editor, elementary Unix tools (such as grep, sort, tr), shell scripts, C programming, control structures, arrays, procedural abstraction, pointers, iteration, recursion, sorting, data types and their representation, elementary data structures, Lists, Stacks, Queues, informal analysis of algorithms, charles kelemeninformal verification using loop invariants, brief exposure to parallel processing, and Graphical User Interfaces via TCL/TK. Lab work required. This course is a Science Primary Distribution Course.
Prerequisites: none.
Fall Semester. Charles Kelemen.
i failed CS20 in spring of 95 (i had other things on my mind, including four other courses). i wanted to cut my teeth on serious computer science, and get it right this time. C seemed a more practical language to learn than LISP. so far, so good. and doing the homework helps.

from mid-november:
clubirs.c, a video database program, that takes this twofist.db, a textfile database.

with neil epstein, i built an anagram dictionary, according to this assignment.

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