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web ethics
publishing problems and prospects


How are sites united? Character conveyed? Cartoons versus human agents. Icons versus agents/avatars.

How can an agent guide a navigation experience? How do we react to non-human coercive characters?


Understanding Comics, Scott McCloud
Characters in the Interface by Mark "Spoonman" Petrakis
Abbe Don's Links
Skim: quickly: Vividness and Source of Evaluation as Determinants of Social Responses Toward Mediated Representations of Agency, by Jonathan Steuer
Sonic's Mac User Interface

Zima: Fridge
Chester Cheetah: FritoLay
MicroSoft: What about Bob? - who do agents represent?
NetScape: Mozilla - agents aren't professional?


Envision an agent. Apply to existing pages.


ArtVery by Andrew Stillman

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