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green bottle

green bottle is the last party of collective swarthmore every year in wharton courtyard the last night before everyone (besides seniors) leaves campus. supposedly people bring a case of heineken or grolsch or jagermeister to share. spring '98 i drank mostly out of abigail's green san peligrino bottle. but in the past i've done mushrooms and jagermeister - the former was fun once i left the festivities, and the latter, whew, the latter. i got a handjob on a balcony overlooking the crowd and then i passed out.

green bottle distinguishing characteristics:
it's outdoors, louder more raucous
a hazy memory from one year: a row of four or six rugby players (male) standing on a bench performing some synchronized peeing

and every year there's lot of broken glass, and work-finished-joyous screaming.

the one bright light in the center determines behaviour
insect like stuff - attraction and retreat. truly sordid action mostly takes place on the periphery; hamming it up occurs at the light pole.
so much beer spilled on your feet.
watch them priceless shoes - don't mind the open toed stuff.
a overarching tinge of melancholy as you reminisce with people you've never or seldom hung out with. the connection you feel because of the end is more than you ever have before, and with so many people, who are all special in their own right and you're just realizing it now, whoa. better get real drunk so it don't matter. watch the semen in your hair.

(i would link in to some of my daze about green bottle, but somehow i haven't made it back in time to write anything.)

after green bottle comes senior week.

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