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senior week

senior week - the period following finals before graduation when seniors have the campus.

senior week comes after green bottle, and in many ways is mostly an extension of that feeling. a week of wandering around drunk, unbelievably finished, trying to enjoy camp swarthmore, getting too fucked up, talking to people you seldom have or having odd conversations with people you know. or just doing what you always do which starts to feel like a waste of time when your swarthmore experience is dying or something.

to combat this bizarre ennui in '97, somebody (seniors?) laid waste to the campus.

otherwise it's all trips to places you've never been and wouldn't go otherwise if someone hadn't pulled up a bus in front of parrish and said, hey, come to this amusement park. or drink in front of the library! party in places on campus you haven't yet!

the parties are strange because people who don't party are there. and people who do party, underclassmen you remember, they're all gone. you're left with a few friends and the severe geeks who never left their room, and haven't had a drink or marijuana since high school, and all of a sudden they're leading the charge to meet the dawn. it's all a little unnerving.

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