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thanks to april chan for these two pix:
attitude plus drugz equals bleuh ?
while I have a hard time with bud and lsd,
I still occasionally enjoy mushrooms.

they make me feel powerfully empathetic.
almost too powerfully - it can be overwhelming.

it's a trip to plant consciousness.

haia and I took psychedelic psilocybin mushrooms together to meet the elves of the fourth dimensional forest.

I used to drink mushroom milkshakes, or eat them with food. The former, no longer; milk lines your stomach, with the latter food distraction - I like my doses pure and potent.

I've heard the post-trip urine carries the drug, I tried it on April 1st, 1996

They're organic; easier to love, though you wouldn't get that impression from the La Habra Police Department.

I recommend the FAQ and Hyperreal.

What timothy leary is to acid,

you might say terance mckenna is to 'shrooms - that is a proponent and expert, at very least
and he likes the internet too!

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