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swarthmore lingo

some collision here perhaps between other lingo variants and their swarthmore counterparts;

jerry referred to every one weird, everything weird as

adjective, noun 1. person lacking in social graces or lacking proper taste; "rich, man, what a total hasslehoff."
decided origin, david hasslehoff, star of television's night rider and bay watch, also a singing star in europe.
see jerry karnas "wicked hasslehoffs dude".

misery poker
noun 1. competitive work load sharing; what swatties play during exam time "I've got 20 pages and three tests" "well I've got 60 pages and two tests."

noun 1. swarthmore students

noun 1. person displaying vidshowian qualities - strangeness, disquietude, lack of (jerry karnas defined) normalcy; "that dude, man, what a vidshow". 2. group of people behaving in an odd or discomforting manner; "they're a bunch of vidshows."
possible origin, A Clockwork Orange, anthony burgess.

adjective 1. the quality of vidshow; "check out those vidley dudes" - see vidshow.

Note: I make no campus wide claims. I heard these words used while I was a student there.

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