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attitude plus drugz equals bleuh ?

drug lingo

much of this is derived from pot smoking.
buzz kill
someone/something that degrades the quality of a high; a shock, an accident, an annoyance, or an authority figure. "dude, my dog died." "dude - what a buzz kill."

adjective 1. ran out, tired, empty "dude, I'm totally cashish." or "the bowl is cashed."
origin: parker

harsh my mellow
see buzz kill - usually, "don't harsh my mellow."

verb 1. to crave "I'm jonesin' for a hit."

noun 1. one who craves "yer a jones" or taking the verb form, "he/she/it is a joneser"

phat pillah
bilious bong smoke.

combines "trust" [fund] with "rastafarian" - a rich white kid who dresses like a latter-day hippy and smokes lots of pot and leads the life of chill folk, enabled by wealth independent of their own prior employment.

one exhibiting qualities similar to those of vidshows, see swarthmore lingo.
note: in some regions wigger means a white person emulating a black person. in my vernacular experience that was never intended.

Note: I make no claims that these terms apply to all or even most or even many drug users. drug dialect is often very specific and regional.

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