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archie local, race car driver
from venice florida
long blond hair, raspy voice
used to write
knew the author of Black Beauty
walter farley
used to surf with his son.

he told me I should tape record myself
he's been doin' it for twenty years
got a suitcase full of tapes he hasn't listened to since he was 17

wanna listen to 'em with me?

your kids is gonna love listenin' to those

yeah, if he has 'em
hard not to,
with beavers like these around
he sticks a finger in cathie's crotch
and wolf-whistles in fucking-time.

he was lookin' out for me

he warned other folks that I was alright to be writin'
and he warned me to
wear a head gasket,
with cathie

we wuz playin'
makin' animal noises at the ladies

I asked him to write in my notebook,
he wrote his name:

Edward Archie Evett Jr.
and his phone number
peace on earth.
he said,
call me sometime,
I'll take you to an island
where you can relax and get some writing done

I thought that was daytona.

some guy took a few photos of us outside the boot hill

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