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boot hill

after brief wanderings
I ended up at the old time biker
boot hill saloon
(cuz I didn't get in here last night)
where the mark hughes
local band
cranked out our 70s hard rockin' favourites
mark band my training, I was well equipped
to sing along
even wish I was up on stage wailing
dave gave a biblical harmonica solo
I imagine fantastic cunnilingus
visitor Hank Davison with bleeding throated vocals
they call him "Europe's number one fucking rocker."

that kind of full bodied enthusiasm
embodied in steppenwolf's born to be wild
but we was distracted by the bouncer flashlights
trying to keep people from standing on seats

caught drinking from my backpacked water bottle

by a patron
you know they have beer here
yeah, but it's dehydrating.

archie notebooking, I met Archie

he's picking up on Lisa
and her friend Cathie

seems mighty into me

she keeps asking about my hair
she wants to comb it out
she thinks I'd be mighty hot
without those knots

cathie starts pouring beer down my throat
wants me to be fucked up like her

I go along with it
cuz I tingle at the prospect of havin' this woman
but staring at the ceiling
being forced to drink beer
is kind of alienating

did you burp yet?

we have a nice french kiss
now there are older men gathered round

her accomplices,
rich, the crane operator
jim, a bare chested tattooed buffoon
takes to grabbing my hair, head back
so she can easier pour beer down my throat

rah rah.

I pull his head back

he sez he's got titanium in his neck
and in his back, his groin
it's a scar show.

she's serious about my hair,
gonna comb it out
i ask, djuh ever hear of samson and delilah?
I hear her say to lisa,
after I take care of this,
I'm gonna fuck him to death
it gives me a hard on.

Lisa says cathie won $100 at Pub 44 last week for her tits.

Lisa and Cathie take off their bras

with my magnum 44 marker
they write their names and we string them overhead
I can't imagine these politics
beavertalk, fuck me
ain't no swarthmore

it's like augie said,

the women are just "friendlier" down south.
going to the bathroom, I pass her
she sez, get back there
she likes ordering me around

I come back, she's hip to hip with the tattooed
asks me if I'm fucked up

I say, what?

I ask him his name
it's Jim Morrison, really

bar's closing,
out on the street

archie takes some pictures of me and her
tongue to tongue
de reguir
and I take him and lisa

kissin' cathie's mighty drunk, sez,

good night, I found someone,
and Jim morrison follows with his hands on her hips.

me, I'm
just drunk enough to want to be fucking

and to not feel the cold
and to doubt my ability to drive

I would have been surprised at the turn of events

but I had no control to begin with.

I keep thinking that's she gonna regret not taking me home

fool, I got skills.
while I'm glad I have time to write


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