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augie doing the sidestreet concentration thing,
I hung with augie,
a carpenter from New Jersey
red beard,
red face

he was workin' as security at a leather shop
a lot of these biker folk roll down and get jobs
it's an overnight economy

he rolls down to flowrida between january and april
he's a carpenter
a gypsy
he can move with the sun.
there's a few too many yups here,
we observe
you should go to Sturgis
it's the fuckin' woodstock of the thing.

he has a lewdish exchange with a woman passer-by
they both enjoy it
I notice the politics

hey, they're here to have a good time.
if they had an attitude,
they would have stayed home!

I'll tell you,
bikers are the best fuckin' people

in the fuckin' world
cuz they're all there
this is me,
you either like it
or I hit the road

(how is that any different from a hippy? or a beatnik? or a hobo?)

I could have talked to him all night,

he wasn't going anywhere

certainly not the fag bar across the street,
where the rich guys come to buy ass in the offseason

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