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Felonious Assault
larry, from York, PA
has a yellow honda touring bike
with two basset hounds
felonious assault the male
misdemeanor, the female
they are strapped onto sideboards
riding with larry tonight an hour to orlando

the dogs are absolutely patient
jes' chillin'
I can't imagine he could do that with rottweilers.
they don't ride back to PA like that though,
like most of bike week's visitors
he brought his bike
and his dogs
on a trailer.

as larry layers demin and leather,

it is bitter cold!
I offer to help him with his chaps,
"have to learn to do it myself."

maybe it's too much college
certainly it's my recent anthropology class,
I was analyzing my method as I went along
I spent a half an hour lingering with Larry
and that fat guy from alabama
watchin' larry get ready,
waitin' for him to take a piss

I had just arrived

and I was chillin' on a sidestreet!
the action was on main

but this is how I acclimated myself
got a sense of the scene
can't learn so much by movin' fast

eventually I did wander back to the strip

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