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sun downer

the sun downer.

a bottle club
means they skirt liquor laws by
you bring your own
pay to join their club for a nite
they charge you each drink from it inside

G said

upon 3am post traumatic arrival
watch, it's gonna get crazy.

this was back country
white folks having a good time

pool smoke drink
and dance (to TLC and Tag Team)

G shares near death experiences
his advice,
"never get rolled in a big city"

it never did get too crazy,
or packed
(blame it on the bitter cold

a slightly baggy blonde biker woman

at 34 years, "not too old for me"
asks to drunkenly dance

we do
in spite of her friends
she's game

after argentina,
I'm not.

smile, bow

G and I,
strange dreams.

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