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mi bolsa

made of suede; perhaps more of a luxury good than a tough carrier - the fabric could take all comers (man did it take on water) but the stitching needed work, even when new!

but it served me across honduras, i had it slung across my shoulder, and on the 12 of june, this is what i had in it:

minimaglite flashlite
leatherman pocketknife/pliers/etc
dry erase marker, black
bic clue ball boint disposable medium
pilot dr grip black ball point (thanks jim)
sanford uniball vision micro
2 blue, 1 red, 2 black
1 rubber band
scraps of paper and index cards
with telephone numbers and addresses
sagitarius keychain
key to howard's garage
maybe key to lisa seaman's house?
maybe key to cyborganic/ramona?
pencil sharpener, two sizes
6 blank la ceiba street scene postcards
diccionario spanish/english New World/Signet
travellers cheque reciepts
crayola coloured pencils in duct taped case
NHK giveaway travel alarm clock
my notebook
Ricoh AF 77 camera and case and instruction book
exercises for spanish and spanish language notes

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