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mi mochila moskitia

i tallied up the goods in my green issue army pack at the end of my time in la mosquitia. on july 27, in batalla, i had this stuff crammed in there:

each separate grouping is a separate ziplock freezer storage or plastic hondo grocery bag

96 unexposed pix on 4 rolls (36, 2x24, 12), Kodak and Konica
4 rayovac AA batteries

60 minute tape with assorted sound bits
204 exposed pix on 7 rolls (36x5, 12x2)

18/30 unchewed pepto bismol tablets
prescription drugs: chloroquine and an antibiotic

6 wet reddened bandaids, band aid brand and aidtex
7x50mg dramamine (used 1, capitan rinel)
microdyne bottle, minus 4 drops (water purification)
red staining bottle of curocromo (cut sealant)
leaky disinfectant bottle (hydrogen peroxide? chloride? oxide?)


2 short green, 1 long yellow, 1 long black plastic hondo string

spanish language grammer outline book (thanks colin)

cuaderno for mopawi article outlines

garifuna hymnal
map of gracias a dios by indigeniety

reader's digest in spanish from october 1996 (thanks amparo)
moravian miskito-espanol dictionary
3.5 inch "disco de justino", IBM formatted with article drafts
body parts in spanish ID sheets
por/para/con/en study sheets
4 flimsy blue honduran aerograms stuck together
2 white hondograms stuck together
microdyne box stained red and brown
folded up legal size file folder
2 1/3 adhesive address labels
4 blank 3x5 index cards
5 blank postcards - ceiba, SPS bridgex2, st. anthony's hospital, hondomap
1100$ travellers checks (6x50$, 8x100$)
passport photocopy
5 scratch/blank sheets - 2 hotel gran paris stationary

bag of clothes


sunblock, No-Ad brand

leaky Repel-12 mosquito repellent

gel de zabila (aloe vera)

square yard of wal-mart netting (for personal head moskito net)

found wallet

sandals, birkenstock "milano"

saucony running shoes, "grid shadow"

1 gallon bleach bottle, for water

duvet cover/sleep sheet

mosquito net de los villars

toilet paper, mariposa brand

1/9 candles, velas fatimas brand

+/- 6 extra ziplock freezer bags and plastic hondo grocery bags

boots - abran
long ski socks - abran
garlic - lauri & ethan


rain jacket - tom
binoculars "larga vista" - tom

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