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Z{ Tokyo: Roppongi
"High Touch Town"
Roppongi is Tokyo's current active nexus of sin where the highest concentration of foreigners can be found any night after 6pm. An unusual plethora of Nigerian men work the doors of bars and work the street - "you, what kind of ladies are you looking for tonight?" Howard and I realized, much to our amusement, that the fastest way to have them stop pitching any sort of cheap sin was to say, "Excuse me, we are good Christian gentlemen." That seldom gets a rebuttal, unlike "I'm not interested," which seems to be the opening line in a two block long trailing conversation.

Not all businesses here cater to foreigners; Roppongi is also home to the Bunny's Club.
kabukicho umbrella Ladies from the former Soviet Republics sell themselves slightly on the street and mostly upstairs, Korean and Chinese and probably Japanese ladies wearing long padded coats proffering "massagi" with a very evocative hand gesture. And between them, young white men: the marks, the suckers, the pricks, the bottom of the food chain in this hungry hustle, legions of army men on R&R, software engineers in town for a few days, crew-cutted farm boys in tight t-shirts from Europe or America, their eyes popping out of their head at the perceived potential for immediate gratification offered by everyone around them. If colonialism has a paradise, this is not it. This is where colonialism has flushed its semen drenched tissues.

From October 2001, One long night in Roppongi

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