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I have heard that much masturbation tends to make you cum faster

jack! you know, if you're like pumping every day fiercely toward orgasm as fast as possible

immediate gratification

like I used to when I masturbated a lot
when I was say fourteen or seventeen

I find that if I masturbate now, for whatever reason, I tend to get caught up in it
so not just once, but the next day, or later the same day, it's on my mind again

especially when I was taking these sex potency drugs - I was masturbating more than I was supposed to, considering I had an std.

so I try not to do it much at all any more, that I don't risk gettin' caught up in it. or at least I try not to do it regularly, cuz I tend to get carried away

that sexual energy, if I stop and open a new file, and just start typing, say a file like this - I have a lot to say that would have otherwise been spent.
like I find with masturbation that I scatter my thoughts, I lack focus afterwards, in favour of languidity.

it mellows me out
why would I want that?

rare it's nice, o' course,
if I do jack off, I like to test myself, push myself as far/hard as I can
seeing how long I can go without cumming, how close I can bring myself
and I hope that that will make me last longer during my next occasion for a coupled sex act.

when I do, I often I use computers to stimulate my jacking off
since I'm so often sitting at my computer, and alone then, it's not unusual for a late night surfing session to become waylaid by wetthoughts
I stopped collecting porno pictures when I was like fifteen, they do take up too much room on my hard drive.
for a while I had a huge text file with lesbian excerpts from around the net
heterosexual stuff turned me on too, and I found to my initial shock that homosexual erotica sustained my strokings
I guess most sexual energy will juice me
so these days I just sample whatever
or fantasize, though that gets weird,
cuz it's either memories that grow increasingly threadbare, or potential that seems diminished by the solo spurt moment.

I have a gay friend who jacks off three or four times a day

whew - that's a lot I can't keep up with

but we do both eat our semen
he does because he likes the taste
I do it cuz it makes me feel less guilty about wasting the energy

practicing recycling/conservation.

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