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by April Chan

Well, now that you've made it this far, I guess a full introduction is in order.

My name is Justin Allyn Hall, I was bread and spread in Chicago (the city proper dammit!). During the academic year, I attend Swarthmore College in Pennsylvania. I recently took a semester off to work as an Editorial Assistant at HotWired - a genuine card-carrying member of their digital revolution.

I'm a Saggitarius/Pisces rising (check out my chart), born on the same day as Beethoven, in the year of Watergate. This web stuff really inspires me because I can publish me, or anyone else, without having to satistfy any external requirements. No publication or distribution costs!

This web page has grown to be a major part of my life. I've detailed a chronology, for posterior's sake.

Photographs of me with Heroes of the New American Conservative Revolution:

Me and Ollie North:

together at last
(I'm the guy on the left)

This is a photo taken when Senatorial-Candidate Lieutenant Colonel Oliver North came to speak at the University of Delaware in October. While I was there, I got him to sign some marijuana paraphernalia.
All this and more is detailed in my Oliver North Page.

I have pages devoted to my Family, and friends

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