16 January, 1996
another four am solo net jam
last to leave cyborganic

except for an hour midnight burrito break in the mission,
turning down "official members of the homeless black coalition"

and four hours sleep,
I been inside publishin' for 27 hours.

caleb caleb was sick yesterday,
I got to play on an Indy
put up the first quicktime at this site,
appropriately, a silent film of Jorge,

Jorge lunges (984k)

I know I love this city,
I know I love being young,
but I crave productivity

not doing enough tai chi,
I'm not leading a balanced life

when soft rock
foreigner and phil collins
wanna feel what love is
my gray matter is softening

joey sucks must be why I'm spending so much time on suck
I've been researchin' those boys
along with bianca
who've not yet slipped
carl sucks compelling content providing youth
seduced by my ex-employer
not yet adversized,

but eager for corporate tattoos

I want so badly to mobilize them with a manifesto -
what makes TV banal is commercials -
publishing to distract people for profit!
accept the support of your readers
and scale your production accordingly
what have you got to lose?
if people love you, they should pay direct.
what is the alternative?

bianca and suck are clear leaders -

a sad loss to the moronic morass
eyeball counting commercial courting profitution

but I can't
I withhold my web site on a hill
until I get back to swarthmore
see if I'm a fool

(that's where the checks go).

maybe i'm chopin' the bit

and digital cash will solve the problem.

maybe I need more sleep.