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that's the problem with negative titling, you become so identified.

hangin' tough

January 9, 1996, Wired third anniversary party.
Slightly dour, duotone attire, but they just can't supress a bit o' grin.

wayne said they remind him of the actor-people in high school - their (black) attire, attitude, and they both part their hair.

carl and joey made "suck," a "snotiness on autopilot" (-salon?) site that became big in 1995. they cashed out (to wired) and crowed all about it. they did not leave the net however, one or the other continue to haunt and taunt me to this day.

If I thought they were web darlings, it was soon mitigated by a search. Much media maliciousness due to the HotWired situation.

I believe they've sold the name. But hey, they can always take their acerbism and start Project Suck.

Media Central sez Suck Got Sucked in, the Netly News sez it was Sucking Up. Feed was the most sober about it.

Exposure doesn't like suck, but he seems to like Joey.

siegel David Siegel bitches about their design.

Salon sez "snottiness on autopilot"

But hey, GNN loves it. Vibe thinks they're cool. Actually there's enough fans

Read the transcript of the Club Wired interview from November 1995.

devah asks: You guys never seem to mention HotWired alum Justin Hall. What do you think of his take on this whole cyberspace gig?

suckster/Duke: I used to love Justin's site when he was on top of it. Obviously, it's a bit unmanageable these days, but we're sure he'll return and clean up soon. He tends to ignore us, though...

Ned Brainard: In ignorance, there is bliss.

It gets mean later on, between employees.

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