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19 January, 1996
flew into chicago today
empty plane, I stretched out across three and recovered sleep

mom picked me up at the airport
my vacation recap interrupted by car phone business
"contention interrogatories" and "blockbuster motions"
lawyer speak
she doubts I have time to implement
my vision of book, print publishing

using the internet for distribution
of a cheaply priced text

as for honesty on my pages

(this is getting to be a regular theme)
you've got great powers of observation
cut your family some slack
your brother likes his job.

dog bite dealing
the doctor she stuck my left arm tetanus shot
it'll ache like this for days
I asked them to prescribe me valium

to take the edge off
they thought that was funny.

I went shopping

for some winter stuff
added a leatherman and a flashlight to my toolbelt
endeavored to find gloves and a new wallet
without slaughtering any cattle or deer

after I turned down

a $35 calvin klein gortex canvas creation
I discovered the world capitalist conspiracy -
don't think we have wallets
fashioned not of leather
but we think they've got them at lord and taylor
marshall field's
filene's basement

by reference
they lead me further into temptation
and deliver me no wallet
I end up with sorta what I wanted
and some other stuff
(at least i spent some money).

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