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5 February, 1996

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for Justin Hall online!

Now more than ever -
my perspective!

browsing "zeens"
(my how the cutting-edge is coopted)
for web class thursday

places like buzznett

I never get to the content
anyplace that is
"your on-line cultural voice"
but they didn't ask me first

whose culture? whose voice?


I've got mine already, thanks.
and on the front page today, it reads

web content corp©'s
top 53rd percentile
badass mutherfuckin'
wicked web site
yer mama! used to make

I'll arbitrate my own cool

cool today
was like patience

reteaching Balky
to edit his web pages
he couldn't understand why

the computer wouldn't forgive his mistakes
I couldn't understand why
he didn't remember what I told him again five minutes ago
of us, the machine was the most forgiving.

my compassion for my old teachers

grew by the minute

while I realized the greatest trial
of tutorial
yeilds most potent results.

Balky harnassed digital means
Macintosh AppleTalk Local Area NetWork Broadcast 2.1
in a direct appeal for meaning
Aaron found me
asked me to minister

I joined Balky in his dorm

bare walls
floor littered with cigarettes, matches, paper
no sheets on the bed

we sat and chatted a bit
I know he wants to be alive
you can read it on his web page.

he fears the great lonliness
attracted to soul beauty
he comes on too strong
comes up with nothing.

you sent out a broadcast
and soon attended by friends
someday you might call and no one will come

learn to send an inner broadcast

you're right -
no one will ever go out with you
or be close to you

because you are disabled.


why aren't you in a school

for disabled kids?

"cuz I'm not disabled!"


as long as you believe that,
it's like my mom said about discrimination
folks should take you on your terms,
screw 'em if they can't do that

what you need is patience
like I was trying to teach this guy about the web today...

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