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9 February, 1996
tomorrow, I'm trainin' to capitol hill,
I got a message for them folks.

I scheduled a sinners session

(s warthmore i nter n et n ovices & e xperts r hythmic s eminar)
for saturday afternoon
when DC decided,
I found a most enthusiastic conductor
had already posted flyers and newsgroups

I'm glad to have someone else running a meeting

it means it's not just my show
but something wonderful that other people do too.
always work to be done,
more web pages!
heh heh
pant pant
more web pages!
heh -

- slap -

sometimes I get sidetracked
hard for me to sit still
through theatre
when I could be doing my own

but when I provide patience
there seldom fails a timely lesson

beautiful friends performed the
Heidi Chronicles

no coincidence
major asshole character
irresistable intellect

seductive cynic

his verbal feinting

challenging affection
demanding strength or running circles
playing games
to keep on fuckin'

reminder of
seeing that crass ass
pained unconnecting
made me think twice involvement

and now stuck with the consequences:

she and I shared a hug afterwards
I was drained from the lesson
she riled by the similarity
and resolvement meaning closeness?

I asked julia

can I fuck my students?
(Ben Vigoda called it the rock star mentality)
she said
you can't fuck them
as long as you think of them as students.

morality on my mind
finds rya in a lovin' mood

bedroom eyes

Rya Piscean potential
for pleasure devotion

leaned on by a luscious babe
in a belltower
after I didn't leave fast enough

she came on to me
bolder than that mottled boy chick at TND
and though I was stiffened
I had done too much thinking.

consequences? fallout?
long term?

she siren
urged me to leave drama, thought
she knows mostly what feels good
each piece of her argument rang
as a mythic or moral bell.

she just wanted to kiss me
but if I kiss her I'll want to fuck her
and she won't
becuz she don't feel strong

strength comes thru
pain of no plezure.

no saliva swap

noses nuzzling
I could fuckin' ravish gorge grope you
that's not how we should relate.

I'm such a noble guy.
Chandra though not unencumbered myself
again today I saw chen
as usual
she psychoanalyzed me
paralyzed me
smarter than me
shortcircuiting my voice

she turned finally
how are you?

"I'm tired."
got to get you off that internet
"no way - it's a receptacle for my love
it can hold all I can give it."

ooo! bitter! bitter!

"no bitterness, here let's have a hug."

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