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21 February, 1996
every day is a miracle,
regardless of religion.

I woke up at 1pm, five hours later than usual
laboured over yesterday's journal entry
after posting a "coming soon" notice
(why do these things take two hours?)
the server pooped out just as I finished
"coming soon" for four hours.

coffee with Zara Zimbardo

(great name, huh?
and she has fingers like ET -
super long)
a bummer bottom out for her recently
long distance lover deceit
Kashmiri dreams dashed

she's going back to San Francisco
leaving Swarthmore early
she didn't expect it to be so administratively easy to withdraw.

spent four hours in the Jumping Cow cafe
between drifting friends and acquaintances
never alone together for more than fifteen minutes.

tirar pinta

pleasure of pleasures in the evening;

more oil painting

until 8pm,
I joined Zara, Nyef, Raina, Rya, and Danny
for home cooked Ethiopian
at Yonnie's.

Yonnie not just folks and fun,

but food

thank you Yonathan.

he wants to study Ethiopian food

I encourage a web page
for passive data collection

if you know/care anything of Ethiopian cuisine,

e-mail him.

I prepared checks recieved to date
load sharing
$373 from nine folks
I'll mail to the bank tomorrow

when they clear,
thank you letters,
online ledger notation
ready for bed,
I've forgotten to print my consumption diary
for class tomorrow.

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