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23 February, 1996
Yonnie today, more homecooked food from yonnie
but he done me one better
"hey dude, bring some of your poetry."

after a rant,
yonnie whips out his stack
"you're fire, I'm snow"
he is cool like that.

dinner with Jude from Nigeria
24 hours aren't enough for him either
working to make Nigerian military dictatorship
supported by oil money capital
and american acquiescence
a campaign '96 issue.

some stats,
14% US gasoline from Nigeria
one fifth, or one quarter
(I can't remember, it's a shitload)
black folks in Africa
(in the world?)
are Nigerian.

I was amazed to hear of up to date nigeria news on the net
why not?

Swarthmore cultural luxury
santoor (hammered zither) concert
soul sending tapped dissonance
I wanna try that!
the best parties are seldom thrown
in a clean well lighted place
you have to endanger your person, ruin your outfit
somehow suffer some to have a gooder time

martin a techno party, no alcohol
in a catacombed basement
Martín, proud of my last roommate
quite an atmosphere
an ancient boiler of monolithic proportions

targeted by stage lights red dramatic
walls mural painted nueva canción

crisp tribal music
more beats per minute!
some of it he made on his computer

in two hours of shake it shake it
I've inhaled a full fuckin' brick worth of sediment

basement scum, probably asbestos.)
I've finally taken off my shirt
I lean against a wall
close my eyes
make believe I am fucking someone
the beat takes me down to my belt
until I am jostled by curious friends

meanwhile upstairs
in a clean christmas tree lit hallway
drunks fling fruit loops at each other

dancing in dust,
like burning man
something primal
something painful
picking my nose
hacking up mortar.

left early to work at home
ended up three hours building this
fixing links
found a page with some funny java,
I viewed source, stole the applet
repurposed it, put it on my sex pages.

it runs a message of your choice
pervert! pervert! pervert!
along the bottom line of a java-enabled browser
where status and future URLs otherwise play

I sent scott this message,

Date: Sat, 24 Feb 1996 05:08:22 -0500 (EST)
From: Justin Hall <>
Subject: stole java
Scott - I stole that beautiful bit of java you used to promote your pages at I put a credit in on my thank you page, Thanks! funny stuff! that's the first I've seen of it. I'm sure tons of folks will further rip it off and I'll take it down in protest, because it will be annoying, and you can't see destination URLs anymore. but until then, I'm glad java is viewable by source! Thanks, Justin

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