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26 February, 1996

this morning
to read
way of a shaman
by michael harner
I was quite sleepy
I masturbated to stay awake
never to culmination
ten minute bursts of concentration

journey only a lite lunch all day,

saving my energy
for tonight
tonight I journeyed.

a bit of a burden
I'm $1100 behind
owe $1500 for three months by saturday
for web site maintenance fees

I'll scramble for freelance writing work
maybe I'll sell some shit

please help what you can

I must sleep
for web class


bob's violin page
julia me
balky's Memories of a Strike or the Bleak Generation
joan, about herself
mariah's autoBe
andrew's life
nick's autobio
dominic yours truly
Colin reads Howard and
I meet Howard and Colin
for dinner in New York

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