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27 February, 1996
rick on the amtrack to NY
works for domino sugar
went web hunting the company name
found pages by striking workers

I love the internet

it's going to be fun

for your generation
but it's going to be hard
big corporate providers for your parents
now everyone is a consultant
modular, replaceable

like computer programs

some older guys like to talk a lot
he remembered programming

an early Northstar with 64k memory
either sequential or random access
you had to tell the basic programs
where to put each nodule of data in the memory

definitely a blast from the past
I often end up on mass transit
talking about

how much computers used to cost
and what they used to do

my walk to colin's office
through new york
I come upon a traffic accident in times square
hard pushed weed
(do I look like a smoker?)
a roller blader trips in traffic
and cynical folks are glad

dinner at le colonial
zagat sez "like eating in a ralph lauren advertisement"
I concur

in the light of my close 'uns, I see
howard is a great story teller, a people person
a warm guy

colin is deferential, gently enthusiastic

subtle, reserved
more biosterous with intimacy

Colin reads

he saves his most pointed comments
for post dinner
typical scorpio
watching power
while holding back
not unfavourable

Howard the love flowed between howard and I
colin watched
colin thinks he's a great guy

and he has a lot of love for me
I should treat howard with respect admiration and sincerity

howard and jonathan are both starting businesses
colin works at a venture capital firm

money passion
putting your shit on the line

howard asks colin,

is he this contentious with everyone?

they have a hearty chortle
each family's uneasiness with my notetaking

if I am learning from folk
howard sez I learned everything louis had to teach me

from that encounter in his office.

my financial plight
howard will still pay me
to write more pieces for his web site

a little different
than the plight of a provider
when you have employees and you run out of money,
you are screwing them.

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