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28 February, 1996
I've got a headache
rare, hateful
I think it's the sin
sin dehydrates
like coffee, likker, rich food,
new york.

today I heard
there's such a thing as the digital mafia
the same people that brought you San Francisco
the hippy city with the highest rents
"counter culture" the "new age"
giving acid to freaks for mind control
thirty years later
tune in, turn on, jack off.

I mention burroughs said something like

tell the truth
hide nothing
they can't get you

Burr. yeah, Burroughs admitted he was

a queer junkie intelligence agent
why do people forget the last part?
read a bio on him - he tried out for the OSS.

typical conspiracy,

everyone's involved.

then the pieces start
database geeks like lsd
Barlow's down with both
the Dead and Gingrich...

but my faith rests
in a world too disorganized
to carry off anything that elaborate

there's so many competing visions

as promised,
I spent my time in NY
Howard in my bro's apt
freelancing internet
critique and introduction

dinner again with Howard

and Molly
the first employee
of brainstorms.

home to swat,
web class first thing
next morn.

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