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13 march, 1996
morning comes the sunrise
and I'm driven from my bed
I see that it is empty and damn
I starting farting,
and I still haven't stopped.

I think it was two slices of pizza,
much hummous
and jamaican fried fish

tonight I ate a little steak
actually a mission district steak and chicken chimichanga
(not part of a sane diet)
cuz today's New York Times living arts section
advocated protein for a different sort of energy
I'm real tired now,
and I was real tired when I was done eating
maybe I'll have more energy tomorrow

ed, ann's roommate sez I will

sonic I'm staying in sonic's bed cuz she was nice enough

to be home when I called,
to go to dinner with me
to watch the usual suspects with me
and to sleep with squishy tonight

i came to town without a place to sleep

and I have been provided.
I talked to this biker bouncer saturday night
his name was squeak,
he saw me in the daytona airport,
"hey internet"

he works four days week

in a veteran's bar
the job sucks
but he has plenty time spend with his son

I may not leave him a pile o' dough
but he'll know his old man loves him.

public transporting from the airport to cyborganic
versus renting a car
or taking a super shuttle
distances you from folk
that's what you pay for

I ended up with a strange smelling canadian Sam
reminded me strikingly of an old girlfriend,

bright dark small eyes, small lips
big eagle beaked hook nose
could I be attractd
to a him version of her?

he lives off east coast canada

cortez island
800 folks, 10 by 15 mile island
sounds a tempting nature scenario
didn't know they still had those.

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