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20 march, 1996
damn tired
involuntary napping
and this cold
got me day-glo green comin' out my nose

scannin' take such a long time
spring break film exposed
relentlessly blurry
cuz I was using 400 asa?

the critical shots turned out

chalk the rest up to art.

I brought five colours thick permanent markers
to the dining hall here
wilson and friends decorate lunch trays

rya and I haven't been connecting
absence of talk is dis-ease

but fifteen minutes yeilds
familiar pheromones

love sex need hate

readying for bediying
jeez, two am
balthazar told me to take care of myself

but flow supreme
two am visitor
acknowledging mutual attraction
she finds me entertaining
me, her intruiguing
her eyes dart a little fast
and still reticent

I hate the smell of cigarettes.

I told colin
I wasn't sure if sexualizing would screw things up
he sez I need empirical evidence.

mysterious types lose their edge

when you can smell their funk.

four am, the intrigue continues
with her unpredicted leaving

draining when I contemplate the day ahead;

7.30 so I can shower before web class
Yvonne and Tim visiting educators

in the evening
I'm presenting personal publishing vision

to Dave Steuer's electronic media class
professional publishing types in New York.

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