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4 april, 1996
standing at the condiments bar
divine retribution came upon me

in october I reported my wallet stolen

I lied
because I'd misplaced my swat student ID
and they give you a free new one
if you're the victim of theft

it took three months

for that to come back around.

shifted today's web class focus
from integrating the voiceless
to technological colonialism
(too much anthropology)

either you will pay as you play

or people will trade privacy
for targeted advertising
give us your zip code
buying preferences
to read this webzine free

due to demographics collected;

black women can't access this part of the internet
people from east los angeles see this thing
while executives see that other

makes the handmaid's tale possible,

in an instant females lose all their digital cash.

stratification, choice lost to provision

potential control

the only way to true universal access

(work on home pages at home
is 1984
join us in surfing
the victory internet.


some birds are building outside my window.


I went to see Tzvetan Todorov

transcribed six pages
remiss to fully transfer online,
better things to do with my time.
(so there's just the technology notes).

carew thinks my daily free verse is grown predictable
she suggests I change my structure
how about a solid page of text?
make your reader work!.

whatever man! I just do it, comes out.

sometimes I feel over obliged to this

now some daily visitors
but without it, unreflective.

alright bud, we're calling turkey,
you ready?
so colin calls mom and george
what time you think it is there?
5 or 6 am
well they'll deal

mom's birthday in 9 days
man, she's been so damn sweet to me this year

(maybe I'm more 'preciative)
what m'I goin' do for her?

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