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14 april, 1996
days and meals with wilson kello
ever playance and performful
still rotfl I

espeja rollin' out to dinner with a new couple jerry and becky
bold fiery

philly suburban chinese food
grease sugar and salt
mitigated by tea - endless conversation caffeine.

I ate it all.

jerry and I speak of bowel movements to come,

of spicy pain in the anus
becky deaf in an ear, covers the other

crazy man jerry,
an environmental studies major
promotes anti-technology
resistance to society system

how can he eat meat?
such a fuckin' consumer.

later mentions robinson jeffers
better to kill a man than a hawk

how can he eat meat?
jerry's going to eat like his forefathers;
by littering on the highway, not recycling
you're simply encouraging the inevitable
destruction or overthrow of the planet.

it's his birthday in a week, april 21.

same day as the reputed birth of rome
day after hitler
crazy aries/taurus cusp

becky asks why so many women at swarthmore afflicted

I postulate expectations
resulting guilt and fear

problem with youth today
they're disjointed distant
don't create anything necessary
someday him on his ranch
he'll eat his own meat.

generally, Jerry barrels through reason and compassion with sheer agression

ben asks
what's up with your web-fuck?

shrug today I finished this advisor icon
a few weeks ago feeling anxious
my right to wisdom authority
advice column absurdity

another doodle

sex link workover
mainly pruning, not growing
neverending outlet

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