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oct 11

riding behind wired hot employees on the bus
they're talking about their grad school plans
other jobs potential
they're pierced
they majored in communication science
I've never heard of them, and they've probably never heard of me.
makes me feel old.

work has bagels and morning meetings
jen beckman is sort of stressed
man is that stuff ever contagious
I barely saved my patience-head from her tight sprung jaws
howard reads the tao te ching to spiritpatch our holes below the water line

we don't lift our heads from our desks much, but when I do we are cranking. things are surely if barely coming together. it's exciting to work

john marketer runs the promo goods by us
one of the things I love about this company

cristian suggests bowling shirts
we want larger sizes
black shirts and black baseball caps

and john marketer asks for web ad placement suggestions
I have plenty of those
I love to inject indie sense into this company
it may take place on a semicheese-bound plane, but there is good stuff happening.

these people are quality. they may be bug ridden, but they've got great features. heck, some of their bugs are features.

my hair gone combover is ripe for ribbing
mccoy puts a bucky-toy on his head
howard, not to be out-attended puts a pink and green chain toy around his scalp

we attention starved company players meet thusly

we are move desks soon and fit more in
the company grows, even now
to some placement suggestion of mine, jen replies a curt "whatever"

it was, in fact, new yorkish
I said as much
accentuated her separated/pariahed feelings
I apologized
recieved her general vent for a lil'

I work through the evening
jen invites me to anon salon
first dinner, with her friend daphne
at a pizza place
jen sez they have better pizza in new york
thicker crust in new york
more pizza in new york
uh huh.

in the most unlikely places
you can find pleasant company
tonight was that of that an example, dude -

dinner, they talked gossip, but daphne was accessable
we had a nice chat and walk to the party
I usually somewhat dismiss because of the upper aged
but heck, they can swing
there was some strange swingin' goin' on too, bro

within ten minutes I was sitting on a couch with blinking red lights strapped to my closed eyes to alter my perception
I watched graffiti slide projected onto a wall
I lusted after demonesses
stray projections of my desire, nay, I mean to say these women were happily screens
or I, mighty projector, have made them evilish in my departure

I had so much fun with mark's daughter, alexa?, she is kick butt. young, and so strong. strong. rarely do I meet a young woman who is solid so. maybe it's right background. maybe it's an acting background. she played whatever part it was well.

jee.  whiz. I sat on a couch with her and her friends

daphne and I danced some
interacted somewhat on the dancefloor
when she was distracted by a balding blonde
I was free to shake and shimmy

and attract flat fran
I don't know her name, but she wasn't going to fire my imagination
but she liked to dance close to me,
and I,
I like to wander.

at the busstop megan
with chopsticks in her hair
soon to be of the fashion institute of technology design and merchandising
trusted me enough to make talk
from a cannabis buyer's club dancin'
to this market street postout

a thin woman holding cheap paperbagged beer
stopped each car nearby to protest some recent injury
and finally ended up with her arms and legs wrapped around a pole
she stayed up there for five or ten minutes. some kind of strength.

how nice to have a home of sorts to return to.
how nice my freedom.
how nice to work hard and then flirt
with friends and not yet friends
how wonderful to live in san francisco
were people just might give you more of a chance or time of day
how nice to have the internet to share what happened today to make me happy.

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