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oct 10

kari loves this shot

I run into scooter and kari in south park
they're standing together, talking to a child

resulting spacebar mischief
scooter beatdown

military industrical showoff
blue angels over south park make so much noise
I call the mayor's office to protest for the office
hundreds of people have called
it must have worked
they stop thereafter

we speak at joe's digital diner
abbe is dry, well put together
mark, talks a long time
occasionaly intense affirmations
(much less animated than spoon)

I interject vociferous portions
defending even marketing philosophies and tangents

jill is super teacherly
good demo of conferencing -
she engages the audience
sites they remember
peter santino

somehow I end up with motley crews,
roy weisman and steve rhodes
mr marketing and mr media
to pancho villa, the mission

and tnd, playboy night
kat is more breast obsessed than I

squishy shows off his work on the out of box sgi O^2 demo

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